Darksky 2008

Live on Second Life®

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When you are a dark sky advocate living in Europe, the place to be on August 22-23 is the Kuffner Observatory in Vienna, which will be the venue of the 8th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky.

When living outside of Europe, or if you can't physically join us in Vienna, you can still attend the Symposium in Second Life® - where we will broadcast the audiostreams of the presentations in cooperation with MetaPartners NV. MetaPartners will host the Symposium at their conference area (Grieg) and has additionally sponsored our very own Second Life island (Bizet), where you will be able to view the slide presentations which are shown during the symposium.

All you need to attend the virtual meeting is a PC and a Second Life® avatar.

Those of you who want to attend the virtual symposium and haven't already done so, will need to create a (free of charge) account:

Next step (this is also important for those of you who already have an avatar) is to "voice enable" it:
When you plan to attend the meeting in Second Life, please send also a message to Europe@darksky.org and fwaumans@metapartners.be and inform us about your avatar name. We will then send you an invitation for the meeting so that you just have to click on the teleport button to teleport to the correct location.

The meeting location of the IDA office in Second Life can be found at the following URL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bizet/128/123/33

The conference will be held in Second Life at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grieg/193/53/32

Clicking the above links when your Second Life viewer is open, will allow you to go directly to either location.

All the lectures apart from the workshops and excursions or tours will be broadcasted. You can find the program in CEST here.

The timing is in CEST which is the local time for Vienna. You can use the link http://www.timeanddate.com to check the time difference between your local time and any other time zone.

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